Messaging Contest Announcement

Important Note: All Contests in the 2020 Facebook Online Hackathon Series are governed by their Announcements provided on this website and by these terms and conditions


To register for the Messaging Hackathon Contest track, click on “Join this hackathon” on the contest page at  

Theme/Main Requirement: 

Build new Messenger experiences that leverage at least one of the following features: Handover Protocol, One-Time Notifications, Private Replies, Quick Replies, and the Extension SDK.

Submission Period:

  • July 28th - September 8th 
  • Deadline to submit is September 8th at 5:00 pm EDT

Judging/Security Check/Winners Announcement

  • Judging and Security Check will take place between September 9th - September 17th 
  • Winners will be announced on or about September 18th

Submission Requirement:

  • Option 1: Make your solution publicly available by completing the app review process. In order to make the solution live to all Facebook users, you will need to complete app review and demonstrate that your bot is working. Full guidelines can be found here: The entire process may take approximately 1-2 weeks - hence if you plan on making your solution live to all Facebook users, then plan to submit your project at least 2 weeks before the submission deadline of August 24th so it can be ready to be judged.

  • Option 2: Make your solution available for the judges. Since app review might take some time, for the purpose of this hackathon, you can put your app in dev mode and add a tester in your app settings. That way, judges have the opportunity to test your bot even when your app is in development mode. Update 08/12/2020 [removed additional tester accounts]: Please add the following test user account IDs: 100019417087644 and 512253308.
  • Please share the link to your Messenger Chatbot in one of the following formats:[Page_ID] or[Page_ID]

Prizes for winning Individual, Org or Team:

1st Place: 

  • $3,000 
  • One Oculus VR headset per team member (up to 4 maximum devices)
  • At least one 30-minute Meeting with a Facebook Engineer

2nd Place: $2,500

3rd Place: $1,500

*All prizing subject to full Official Rules. Oculus Quest devices, subject to availability, shipping restrictions and delays, and if unavailable may be replaced with an equivalent prize.  Mode and method for delivery of all prizes, including electronic payment or other legal tender, scheduling and medium for virtual meeting with engineers at Sponsor’s discretion based on availability.


You may be disqualified from the Messaging Hackathon Contest and forfeit any prizes you may be eligible to receive if Facebook reasonably believes that you have not complied, or attempted to undermine the legitimate operation of the Messaging Hackathon Contest, in accordance with the 2020 Facebook Online Hackathon Series Terms.