Messenger Hackathon FAQs

Q: How do I create my team?

A: If you start the submission on behalf of the team, you'll be able to either add their email addresses to invite them or send them a special link that they can follow to add them. You can do that today and then continue updating your submission form until the deadline.

Q: How do I add testers to my Messenger bot? 

A: You can create, edit, delete, and log in as a Test User through your app's App Dashboard or the Graph API. Please add all of the following test user account IDs:100019417087644 and 512253308. Please share the link to your Messenger Chatbot in one of the following formats:[Page_ID] or[Page_ID] For more information on your Page ID, please see this page.

Q: I have been building a bot, actually it's in production, can I use it?

A: You cannot update and submit existing projects. Submissions must be newly created during the hackathon submission period.

Q: Are we allowed to use 3rd party providers such as Dialogflow and integrate with APIs that we're building?

A: Yes. The rules state: "Optional SDK, API, and Data Integration: May integrate any SDK, API, and/or data provided that they are authorized for use for such purposes."

Q: Can we use Chatfuel for the Messenger track?

A: You can use any additional tools that you have the rights to use, however, you should disclose in your submission which tools you used.